The Jerrick Narrative

Jerrick was founded in 2012 by long-time friends and business partners Jeremy Frommer (Wall Street Executive) and Rick Schwartz (Hollywood Executive). Initially a private media company providing online content through a portfolio of brands, Jerrick’s needs quickly outpaced the commercial technology that supported it and the limited products available.

In 2015, Jerrick partnered with a premiere Australia-based product design and development group to create a content management system (CMS) for its brands. The product quickly evolved from a CMS to a robust long-form social publishing platform. Jerrick’s flagship product, Vocal, was formed.

In the first quarter of 2016, Jerrick’s IP and technology, including the Vocal platform, rolled into one entity through a reverse merger, forming the publicly traded technology company Jerrick Media Holdings, Inc (OTCQB:JMDA).

The company completed its first phase of development of Vocal in the third quarter of 2016, with a successful launch and an open contributor platform, effectively competing against key products in the content and social markets. Today, Vocal receives hundreds of daily submissions from over 300,000 creators.

In addition to Vocal’s continued expansion, the Company has added numerous revenue-oriented features to the platform, such as native advertising, affiliate marketing, and micropayments.

In 2018, Jerrick plans to expand its portfolio of technology with the launch of additional platforms, further expanding its reach into affiliate marketing and content creation. New iterations of Vocal will include revenue-oriented additions, including a self-serve native ad platform and SaaS offerings.