The Jerrick Narrative

The traditional digital media model was broken. So we built a new one. We were ahead of the curve in identifying the systemic flaws inherent to the digital media industry. We found that many companies had limited paths to profitability. So in 2015, we partnered with Thinkmill, a premiere Australia-based product design and development group to create a content management system (CMS) for our growing portfolio of brands. The idea soon evolved from a CMS into a robust long-form social publishing platform that ultimately became our flagship product, Vocal.In February of 2016, Jerrick Media Holdings, Inc. became publicly listed on the OTCQB and began trading under the symbol JMDA. Later that year, in November of 2016, we introduced Vocal to the public. It was first and foremost about making money through a sustainable and scalable business model.
Vocal was strategically designed to provide tremendous value for the virtually infinite number of content creators, readers, and brands that occupy the digital sphere. Vocal’s proprietary technology can seamlessly absorb a nearly endless supply of external assets, allowing for opportunities to revive distressed media content at a fraction of its original cost and with limited impact to operational expenses. Since its initial launch, Vocal has grown to become one of the fastest growing communities for creators of all kinds. With over 500,000 creators in our network, and more than 8 million monthly visitors powering 34 owned-and-operated communities, Vocal provides storytelling tools, engaged communities, and monetization opportunities that help creators get discovered and fund their creativity.